Scott Vegas

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Scott’s love of music and entertaining  began when he was just two years old and was given his first record, which he played and danced to over and over for all that would listen and join. By the time Scott was 15, he began his DJ career working as an assistant to a local DJ company on Long Island, before he eventually started to DJ his own events. Scott was hooked from the start and has never stopped. From spinning in local nightclubs around NY, to private parties, Scott was quickly becoming well known in the club and mobile circuit while continuing to balance a financial advisor career on Wall Street.  By the early 1990’s, Scott left his Financial career behind, and along with some friends had launched what was to become, one of the largest DJ entertainment companies in the country. By the mid 1990’s, Scott had successfully expanded and conquered both LA and Chicago and his company was performing at more than one thousand events annually, which included many major corporate and celebrity clients.

Scott began a family and moved to south Florida in the early 2000’s and quickly put his footprint in the mobile DJ market, by becoming one of the premier  MC’s in the industry, performing at countless Weddings, Mitzvah’s and Corporate events throughout the tri-county area. Scott’s business acumen and love of entertaining people, was the perfect blend to further enhance DJPeoples presence in south Florida, as well as help them grow and expand their business on a national level. As our General Manager, Scott has his hand in all aspects of DJPeoples ever growing business presence. Scott handles our retail clients, in-store events and social events, manages our national DJ staff, oversees our talent acquisition, and more. Along with Principal Marc Vane, Scott Vegas shares our vision and goal in becoming the leader in DJ driven retail event launching and branding.