As the leader in Fashion Driven events, DJPeoples Staffs the highest class of Model DJs for Retail and Corporate Brand events across the country.  Our Retail DJs are chosen for their unique look and fashion style.  As local taste makers in their local music and fashion scene each one of our DJ poses their own entertaining way to interact with customers while keeping them engaged and spending.  Each DJPeoples DJ goes through a step by step training process that teaches them how to lure customers in, then how to keep them there.  With the most diverse staff of DJs, our service allows us to match your brand with exactly the look and sound needed for fluid representation.


Grid List
  • DJ Blondie


    Born Catarina Hodel in the Philippines, DJ Blondie was raised in the USA and the Philippine Islands. With her strong passion for music, Blondie got her start at age 16. She quickly became a DJ se...

  • DJ Albeats

    New York

    Born and raised in New York City, DJ Albeats is known not only to play what you want to hear at the club, but making his own mixes of the hottest songs to demonstrate his unique creativity to roc...

  • DJ Neekola


    Born in New York and educated in Virginia, Neekola currently resides in Washington DC where she works as a full time international DJ. Inspired by her parents’ musical talents, Neekola has been...

  • DJ Brandon Olds


    Brandon Olds is more than just a Celebrity DJ. He is a lifestyle devotee with a passion for luxe, a deep rooted understanding of a pantheon of cultures, a love for travel and an unyielding desire...

  • DJ Chitown Shani


    Shani Barnett has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 18 years. She is a former Miss Chicago Dance and has movie credits including “Save the Last Dance.”  A true master of h...

  • DJ Risi


    Being surrounded by music since he was born DJ Risi was immersed in music by his grandfather who tried to teach him to read music before he could even talk and wanted him to play the saxophone as...

  • DJ Amanda Rose


    In only a few years, DJ Amanda Rose’s career has taken off big time and seen California’s diva on the decks explode into the spotlight both locally an...

  • DJ Ms Mada


            Filipino born and Miami native, Rachel Tumada a.k.a. 'Ms. Mada', is an up and coming DJ and aspiring producer that is rapidly making herself known throughout the underground moveme...

  • DJ Rage


    DJ Rage has helped thousandsthrow the event of a lifetime for over 15 years by providing DJ entertainment for companies and events worldwide.

    In 1997, known by family and friends as Justi...