DJPeoples is the nation’s premier dj agency for Retail & Corporate Brands. Our team has ingeniously developed a way to speak to customers and relate to their lifestyles by tapping into the DJ Culture. We have packaged our specialized dj services and dj products to make it easy for retail brands to naturally enter the DJ realm and activate their events nationwide. Staffing over 6,000 events per year, DJPeoples boasts the largest national network of DJ talent providing our clients with a range of looks, fashion-forward styles and musical tastes to match their brand identity and demographics.

DJPeoples has re-wrote the book on sales by keying in on the fundamentals that lure consumers in, make them stay, shop, and most of all, spend! Our DJs are specially trained to motivate retail sales staff, elevate energy levels and be the visual centerpiece that draws customers in store, elevating their retail brand experience and keeping them entertained while shopping!