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DJ Booths and DJ Tables by DJPeoples

DJPeoples is a retailer and designer of dj booths and dj tables. We design and produce permanent installations, as well as mobile and portable units. Not only are we suppliers of audio and visual equipment for dj’s, we also provide many services that can be rented out such as even equipment for bar mitzvahs, corporate events, weddings, parties and launch parties.

Our dj booths are special stations and are fitted for the support of dj equipment. Often, dj booths are decorated with lights (strobes) and changing facades that appeal and add to the excitement of your event. Regardless as to what the occasion is, our dj booths and dj tables will support your finest equipment needs without concern.

Some variations of our dj booths are more sophisticated and offer multi-functions and features. The booths may have speakers, turntables, CD-Js, a mixer and other equipment built in. Therefore, the dj booths can be self-contained and hold all of the necessary equipment to drive your event. Also, they can be portable and can be stowed or moved quite easily.

DJPeoples’s creates dj booths that have on-board power and are built for maximum functionality; and offer a stylish contemporary look. Our dj booths are built by DJs for DJs, who are most knowledgeable about what is needed.

DJ tables are different in that they may not be self-contained. The DJ table is more portable than booths because it is not as large. Some tables are more portable than others. However, placing equipment on any of our customized tables is usually not a problem.

It’s important that dj booths or tables are well constructed so that it can be depended upon to carry the load of the equipment. Our selection of dj booths and dj tables are worry-free because they are built to last! We use the best materials, and our designs in metal, wood or plastic will enhance any event as well as performance. You’ll love our stunning finishes.

DJPeoples knows what you want. Also, we know how you need it done. We remove the guess work and provide the best equipment in the business. All styles of turntables, mixers, laptops, computers, controllers and more will fit in our designs.

DJPeoples is a leader in the South Florida event production industry. All booths and tables are built and shipped from Miami, FL. Call us today to see how we can help you with your next event.

DJPeoples offers:

  • DJ Equipment Sales, Repairs, & Support Services
  • Repair Fullfilment
  • 24-Hour Tech Support
  • Store Integration