Check-In and Check-Out Procedures for Retail Events

DJPeoples is dedicated to serving our clients over hundreds of markets on the same day with On-Brand Entertainment.  As you can imagine it takes careful planning and coordination between our team of Event Mangers and DJs to make this happen.  With this many events going on at the same time its physically impossible for each event manager to be at every event.  Although we’re not able to physically be there our clients expect us to keep the utmost quality at each event.  Because of this, DJPeoples has implemented an easy check in process for all of our DJ Staff to stay connected and ensure that every event looks and feels the same and that each of our DJs is looking the part at their event.

18 Mar / 2013
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Educate | Making the Event Yours

“Have them at Hello”

At DJPeoples we champion the fact that our DJs make a personal connection to each event we perform.   Our clients appreciate the fact that each DJ takes it upon themselves to make each event they perform at, their own.  By making that connection DJ are ensuring that they will be asked back by name ensuring future events from each account they service.  To ensure that all of our clients get the Warm & Fuzzies from their DJ experience we wanted to recap some best practices that will “have them at hello”..

23 Jun / 2013
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News | DJPeoples Announces its First Staff Webinar

DJPeoples Online Meeting

 Coming up on July 23, 2013 5PM EST, DJPeoples will be conducting our first ever companywide conference call and online webinar. We will be using “GoToMeeting”, which is accessible from your computer or smart phone. This webinar will run approximately 30 minutes, and will cover several topics, from furthering your career, marketing & retail opportunities, along with a few surprise big announcements. I don’t want to say this is mandatory, but you all are strongly encouraged to attend.

July 23, 2013 5PM EST

Join Meeting using this link

Or, call in using your telephone to (267) 507-0012

Please use Access Code: 592-904-357 to reference this meeting.

 You may also Join the Meeting by downloading the free GoToMeeting App on android or iPhone. Use Access Code 592-904-357

17 Jul / 2013
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Talent Newsletter | July 2013

Hello “DJ” Peoples,

As we just passed the half-way mark on 2013, there are some wonderful experiences and events to reflect upon, as well as some significant changes and enhancements that DJPeoples has implemented to make all of our experiences better, and opportunities broadened.

Highlights: Our relationships with Bloomingdales and Macy’s is growing and expanding. We are evolving from doing local events, to more regional events, that will ultimately lead to national event campaigns. Marc and I are very hands on with the PR, Special Event and Marketing Managers in all the stores and our personal relationships with these retail giants are extremely solid. DJPeoples provided all the production for the “Fashion for Justice” runway show at Macy’s Millennia in Orlando. DJ Fresh (Tampa) came in to provide the great music and sounds for this sold-out and highly successful fundraiser.

16 Jul / 2013
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Educate | The DJs Role in Retail

Playin the Part

It’s pretty evident in today’s society that the DJ has pulled top rank as the iconic music symbol of our generation.  From TV commercials to contest to being featured at retail and brand events weekly, DJs have become the kings of entertainment.  With this new and prestigious title also comes certain standards that we as DJs need to maintain now.  In our field of work here at DJPeoples, the retail sector is all about appearance, fashion and style.

23 May / 2013
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