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“Music is our own wisdom, thoughts and experiences,” is the mantra that Miami based disc jockey and self-prescribed record connoisseur ESP, aka Sam Plessett lives by on a regular basis.

As the masses grow increasingly benevolent towards the cybernetic DJ-dance culture, often depreciated the significance of classic cadences, and/or fearing the allure of a divergent underground, the once avant-garde handicraft of the disc jockey has grown increasingly less prolific.

This doesn’t sit well with self-prescribed conservator of funk and mixing aficionado Sam Plessett aka DJ ESP, who time and time again has displayed his savoir-faire music flavor through spinning an assorted fusion of innovative genres with the occasional guilty pleasure from your favorite music era.

Exposed to his favorite live DJ at a dance party at the ripe age of 13, ESP was immediately absorbed by the music and club culture, eventually leading him to buy two turntables and a mixer.

Spinning house parties and private events throughout high school, ESP broke out of his artistic shell in college while attending FIU in Tallahassee. Upon arriving in Tallahassee in 2006, ESP exploded onto the night life scene, collecting DJ residencies and guest spots at virtually every hot spot in town, quickly again gaining notoriety for his signature style of mashing up big room house and electro with everything from Hip Hop, Rock, New Wave, Elvis, and everything in between.

Recently relocating back to Miami, ESP is prepared and beyond determined to take the city by storm, eager to expose the world to his eclectic mixing style and melting pot of production and remixes.


Corporate Clients

  • G by Guess
  • Guess Factory