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DJ Killaka5


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About DJ

Raised in Nicaragua and Miami, with influences from all over the world, dj Killaka5 (Killa-Kas) is the definition of an open format dj. From the early days he found out ways to blend different types of genres into his own. Always being able to read the crowd and play the right music at the right time. This is a skill that not many have and Killaka5 has used this to stand above the rest.

Killaka5 lived in San Antonio, Texas for a few years where he was rocking some of the hottest clubs in the city and all over the state of Texas. Killaka5 was known for bringing diversity to the nightlife in Texas, implementing genres of music that would not normally be played by others, but in a way that it flowed smoothly with the rest of his set.

 Killaka5 decided to take on a challenge and move back to Miami. Since his return to the Magic City he has been working non-stop. You can find Killaka5 DJ’ing at a corporate event for Nike to setting the mood at Mansion. Killaka5 keeps staying ahead of the curve and has been considered one of the most under rated DJs in the city. Within the short time Killaka5 has been in Miami, he has accomplished what others only dream about. The sky’s the limit for Killaka5 and he’s clearly showing no signs of stopping anytime soon!


Corporate Clients

  • Guess
  • Macy's
  • Bloomingdale's