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DJ Arlette Carlin


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About DJ

Arlette Carlin hailing from the magical Incan capitol of Peru started her career spinning Vinyl at local nightspots at age 18. Realizing the spiritual and uplifting powers of music she quickly set out to spread the message. When she moved to Miami Beach it was only a matter of time before she had her opportunity in a thriving nightlife market. At first glance her beauty might appear to take center stage, but her ability to entrance you rhythmically is what makes her one of the most coveted DJs on the scene today. Musically intrigued by the indigenous influences of her Latin American upbringing, she strives to achieve perfect chemistry on the dance floor by mixing soulful vocals with big beats. With passion for disco, rock and roll and heavy baselines Arlette Carlin arranges every set with a medley of genres in an effort to bridge the gap between them.


Corporate Clients

  • Guess
  • Diesel
  • Armani Exchange
  • Macy's