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DJ Xtina

New York

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Voted Atlantic City’s #1 Female DJ

DJ Xtina is the hottest DJ and MC on the East Coast, and was voted Atlantic City’s #1 female DJ.  She is also a member of the elite BumSquad DJs, and the first female DJ in the region to be admitted.  She makes frequent special guest appearances at the Pool After Dark Nightclub at Harrah’s, voted the #1 Mega Club in the United States and holds a residency at Sammy Hagar’s Beach Bar, voted Atlantic City’s #1 Beach Bar for 2012.  In addition, she currently holds residencies at Revel Resort, Atlantic City, Harrah’s, Atlantic City, House of Blues, Atlantic City.  She is a featured DJ at nightclubs all over the Mid Atlantic Coast, and has been the featured DJ at the Grand Opening parties of numerous venues, including Revel Resort, Atlantic City, Room 12, Philadelphia, and H Lounge at Hollywood Resort, Charles Town Races.


An international DJ based in New Jersey, DJ Xtina is a true open-format DJ; she is well known for playing a wide variety of music from rock to house to funk to hip-hop and everything in between.  Fortunate enough to grow up in a home that embraced creativity and the arts, she developed an appreciation for all genres at a young age.   DJ Xtina credits her father, a former musician, for her vast musical knowledge.


After learning to spin vinyl, DJ Xtina stormed onto the scene and was soon invited to DJ in top nightclubs.  Her diverse musical familiarity and her hype-style MC skills are what set her apart from the rest.  She is a fun-loving and vibrant individual, and it shows through her captivating stage presence.  Her allure is undeniable, and can only be outweighed by her skills on the turntables.


Corporate Clients

  • Guess
  • Red bull