As the leader in Fashion Driven events, DJPeoples Staffs the highest class of Model DJs for Retail and Corporate Brand events across the country.  Our Retail DJs are chosen for their unique look and fashion style.  As local taste makers in their local music and fashion scene each one of our DJ poses their own entertaining way to interact with customers while keeping them engaged and spending.  Each DJPeoples DJ goes through a step by step training process that teaches them how to lure customers in, then how to keep them there.  With the most diverse staff of DJs, our service allows us to match your brand with exactly the look and sound needed for fluid representation.


Grid List


    Born and raised in the border town of Laredo, Texas, DJ Kiks’ humble beginnings date back to 2006 in the neighboring Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo as a training emcee at a well know night club b...

  • DJ Aaron Dishman


    A long time veteran of the Austin fashion/art/music scene, this DJ's style is best described as cross-cultural, multi-generational pop music. With a keen ear, Jericho is known to seamlessly blend...

  • DJ John Cha


    Music is life, and I am living! Those are the words that best describe my passion and love for music in my life. With over eight years in DJ experience with nightclubs, weddings, and school dance...

  • DJ Eric


    DJ Eric is a master of the mix! He has been DJing all over the country for years now and is always leaving his events with everyone a fan. His stye of mixing and spinning is upbeat and perfect fo...

  • DJ Paul Arthur


    Born and raised in the city of Miami, FL; DJ Paul Arthur is a product of his environment. Miami is a city known to mash and melt different cultures together; the same can be said of DJ Paul Arthu...

  • DJ Steve Caceras


    DJing is an art. In today's music world, there are not many DJs that possess the ability to cut, scratch, mix, plus blend. Beyond that, few are capable of making it all come together as a show th...

  • DJ Brant

    New York

    DJ Brant Jacob grew up in East, NY where hip-hop was everything. However, his musical inclinations couldn’t be contained by one genre of music. Hearing the soul and funk music played by the old...

  • DJ Nick

    New York

    After DJ’ing since high school (including dozens of weddings), completing a Media Arts degree from The University of Montana, and going on the road w/ his punk rock band on the Warped Tour, Nic...

  • DJ Ricky Rico


    Born and raised in Philadelphia he grew passionate for music due to his father being a musician all his life since he was 17, and his mother having a natural ear for music as well.  He grew up w...