As the leader in Fashion Driven events, DJPeoples Staffs the highest class of Model DJs for Retail and Corporate Brand events across the country.  Our Retail DJs are chosen for their unique look and fashion style.  As local taste makers in their local music and fashion scene each one of our DJ poses their own entertaining way to interact with customers while keeping them engaged and spending.  Each DJPeoples DJ goes through a step by step training process that teaches them how to lure customers in, then how to keep them there.  With the most diverse staff of DJs, our service allows us to match your brand with exactly the look and sound needed for fluid representation.


Grid List
  • DJ Drea


    DJ Drea is one of Arizona’s most sought after DJ. Founders of Desert House Production, Drea and her husband cater to all types of crowds. She is known for mixing a variety of upscale beats and ...

  • DJ Zapata


    Zapata is a nightclub & Latin house DJ, residing in Phoenix, AZ. Originally from Mexico, Zapata grew up listening to Latin music and has practiced all types of dance for many years such as Po...

  • DJ Le Disxco


    Based in El Paso, Texas is Le Disxco [Le ˈdiskō] a young female deep house and house DJ/producer. Born and raised in a border city deeply rooted in music, Le Disxco quickly grew a passion for t...

  • DJ Big H


    "DJing is not something you do--it's who you are."--The Bigg H

    Although Bigg H didn't start officially Djing until 1998, he sees it as the natural progression of what he's tried to do his...

  • DJ Crystal Anasazi


    DJ Crystal Anasazi hails from New England, but after five years has truly become a Miami legend. She was the resident DJ at the Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive, spinning for celebrities such as Ch...

  • DJ Tone


    DJ Tone's good looks, positive energy, and musical talent make him the full DJ package. His career has been moving at a fast pace from the minut...

  • DJ Leo Morales

    Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico native Leo Morales (DJLM) has been delighting party goers on the island paradise for almost 15 years. His ability to accurately read a crowd & then seamlessly blend of all genres...

  • DJ Diesel


    Lamerro "DJ Diesel" Mason hailing from Richmond, VA and Virginia Beach, VA discovered his love for music at the ripe old age 2. Always beating on a table, a bucket or anything he could find. He...

  • DJ X Chicago


    With his unique style and technique DJ-X has earned the respect of many, mashing up various genres such as hip-hop/rock/house and electro. He has earned a spot in chicago's unique nightlife, as w...