As the leader in Fashion Driven events, DJPeoples Staffs the highest class of Model DJs for Retail and Corporate Brand events across the country.  Our Retail DJs are chosen for their unique look and fashion style.  As local taste makers in their local music and fashion scene each one of our DJ poses their own entertaining way to interact with customers while keeping them engaged and spending.  Each DJPeoples DJ goes through a step by step training process that teaches them how to lure customers in, then how to keep them there.  With the most diverse staff of DJs, our service allows us to match your brand with exactly the look and sound needed for fluid representation.


Grid List
  • DJ Romi Lux


    Romi Lux, born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic is an international DJ and producer based in Miami, FL known for her musical talent, energy, and style.

    She gained audienc...

  • DJ Roberto


    As part of a new breed of talent, Roberto is a total breeze of fresh air. A house freak by nature, his love for the music started him as a dj at a very young age. Following the steps of some of t...

  • DJ Millady


    Dj Millady has started her career as a creative director for different nightclubs and private parties. In 2011 the life had brought her to Miami, where she was able to display all of her creativi...

  • DJ Ron


    Voted four times as Nashville's Best DJ in the Nashville Scene Reader's Choice Awards, DJ Ron Slomowicz is definitely a DJ in demand.  Resident DJ of Play & Tribe in Nashville and Talbott St...

  • DJ Divina


     The look, the presence and the talent... DJ Divina is a "triple threat" and very much a star that is on the rise. Her energetic performances and vibrant spirit give her a rare stage presence th...

  • DJ John S

    New York

    DJ John is a versatile DJ from the greater New York area. He covered a wide spectrum of events ranging from nightclubs, bars, fashion & retail shows.

    John uses music and mic skills as...

  • DJ Mike Zarin


    With over a decade of professional experience in club, corporate and social event markets, DJ Mike Zarin has a broad and unique understanding of music programming and event entertainment. Mike h...

  • DJ Jessica Beau


    Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Jessica Beau grew up listening to house music. Now in Los Angeles and Miami, Jessica stays true to her house music roots and puts her signature sound on ever...

  • DJ L1


    My A-list clientele includes: Steve Wynn, Elton John, Prince, Sir Phillip Green, Tiger Woods, The NBA, KISS, Akon, Pitbull, VH-1, Chanel, Larry Graham, Maceo Parker, Roy Ayres, War, Guapole, Esth...